BHK Property Promotions Inc. offers a variety of promotional services that will both assist you in selling listings faster and impress your clients! From the above the home to inside the home, BHK is dedicated to helping you promote your listing. 

             HD 360 Degree Interactive Virtual Tours that will knock your socks off! Our tours can be fully integrated with any floor plan, aerial, or photography that you purchase at the same listing. Our virtual tours enable you to showcase the great features of your listing without having to leave your office!  You and your clients can look around and even walk through the house remotely as if you were on location, using either a floor plan map, the interactive arrows on the tour, or a select from a list of locations.

         Low-Altitude Aerial Photography  is another impressive service BHK offers which will help you market your listing. This unique bird’s eye view of the property will highlightthe special attractions that your listing has to offerto prospective buyers.

        Our Floor Plans takes the pain out of measuring a house and replaces it with an attractive and easy to read floor plan complete with VIREB or VREB data input sheet, which saves you and your team valuable time and effort.

        Professional Interior / Exterior Photography 
really makes your listings POP! With our extremely competitive pricing, professional grade equipment and advanced post-processing software you will always be satisfied.

            Virtual Assistant Services that will help you broaden your online presence and increase the audience that you are able to reach with your listings. Keep your overhead to a minimum and still have the services of an assistant! 

         Looking for something to give your client? Look no further! A 16x20 or 20x24 framed aerial photo is the perfect gift for clients either buying or selling. A great way to make them remember you the next time they are looking to purchase or list!
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